Made by Italian artisans for generations, every single pair of glasses is an object to be desired, worn and lived.

Our manufactures eyewear components are recognized for the quality of its details; From the constant creative development of the materials employed, to the careful production of each piece, to the flawless technical support all of our customers can count on.

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Contemporary style and timeless craftsmanship. Made in Italy.
We focus on our people’s knowledge and skills, in every department, that are constantly growing and handed down over time to become our most precious asset. Constant discussion and our sharing of know-how among our expert workforce enable us to put forward effective business proposals based on practical objectives.

Our work represents the Made-in-Italy with its worldwide reputation. We are dedicated to this brand as a demonstration of those uniquely Italian abilities to blend technique and talent, artisan skills with industrial know-how, good taste with ingenuity, precision with the art of inventing and re-inventing.

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Classic shapes with sophisticated technologies.

Thanks to the combination of a refined technology with the highest Italian craftsmanship, we can enhance 200 micron thin films with unique aesthetic characteristics that have extraordinary depth. Everyday our Product Development Team and our Technological Laboratory work together with designers and fashion stylists from all over the world to transform their ideas, visions and dreams into reality.