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"Craftsmanship And Luxury Molded In Our Frames"


Each limited-edition +Beryll spectacle has a story told through a unique design made by true eyewear artisans. Those whose trade have been passed down from previous generations. +Beryll sunglasses are inspired by a deep-rooted appreciation of quality and craftsmanship, guaranteed by the expert artisans from Northern Italy.


Our craftsmen still use traditional artisan techniques when creating the eyewear. Each frame takes four to six weeks to produce, and the process involves many steps from design to cutting, barrelling, bending, hinge insertion, polishing, and quality control. Every step is completed by hand.

Made in Italy

Our work represents the “Made-in-Italy” qualification with its worldwide reputation. We are dedicated to our brand as a demonstration of those uniquely Italian abilities. Blending technique and talent. Artisan skills with renowned know-how, artistic excellence and modern ingenuity. Precision and the art of inventing and re-inventing.

Handmade in small batches by italian artisans


Our production process is the result of the combination of tradition and technology. We work both with metal and acetate. We work only high-quality Italian acetate with the latest machines at 5 axes. The lenses are cut by an automated machine. The cleaning is done with the process of tumbling lasting 120 hours: tradition wants that the steps of polishing, brushing and finishing are done by hand.


The manufacturing of a pair +Beryll Eye ware, consists of sixty different phases and the work of skilled hands to ensure that the materials and execution pass the quality controls for each production step. The processing of the acetate frame for all +Beryll eye ware consists of four separate phases using specialized machines in which a mixture of small pieces of birch, beech wood, sanding oils and abrasive powder are used to obtain +Beryll’s stunning look and feel.


The final production phase consists of finishing with sought after artisans who meticulously fine tune the final details. They work side by side with state of the art lens cutting machines. These specialists are trained to work with a wide range of products and specifications. Consistently guaranteeing an exceptional level of quality control for +Beryll’s stunning designs.