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How to Find Perfect Pair of Sunglasses for Your Face Shape - +Beryll Worn By Good People

How to Find Perfect Pair of Sunglasses for Your Face Shape

You love designer fashion accessories, especially sunglasses? We got you! We think, sunglasses should be architecture for the face. To find the perfect fit, figure out your face shape and find the sunglasses that match and spare yourself from ordering online, being excited and then disappointed because they don’t match.

How to determine your face shape? There are several. We have listed the most common below. Have a look in the mirror or ask a friend to help find your type. Read about the different types and our recommendations to find your perfect sunglass shape!


It’s all about curves! The round face shape doesn’t have sharp angles, so choose sunglasses emphasizing sharp angular lines that will help elongate your face, giving your face a sharper look. Avoid round, cat eye, wayfarer or oval shapes.

The good news  – you look amazing in the trendy, luxury aviator sunglasses, with or without nose bridge. The ACE and the WAYNE of the +BERYLL sunglass collection will look amazing on you. If you prefer acetate frames, go for the MELLOW, a rectangular shape sunglasses. If you want to go big, the ZUMA is your best choice!


This face type is characterized by about the same length and width across the face, usually defined by a broad forehead and a strong jaw line. Your best sunglass picks are oval or round shaped. Avoid rectangular or square shapes.

You will look stunning in the ACE and WAYNE of the +Beryll luxury collection. The ACE, classic and timeless, has been a favorite of many celebrities like Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt, Sharon Stone, Demi Moore, and many more. The WAYNE featuring a nose bridge, color matching the lenses and temple tips, is an advanced aviator version. Originally designed for the US Navy Seals, blockbuster movies like Top Gun helped to make this frame iconic.


Having an oval face shape gives you the opportunity to wear literally EVERY frame shape and it looks awesome on you. Oval faces have gentle rounded, fairly even features. Having all the choices, you can go with whatever you feel like – aviators, round shapes, oval, cat eye, rectangle or geometric. It’s your choice. The ZUMA will give you a sophisticated, glamorous feel. The MELLOW with its slightly smaller, rectangular shape is an amazing choice for men to go for a classic shape with a twist. The ACE will be your everyday choice while the WAYNE with its distinctive nose bridge delivers a more edgy look.

Oblong or Rectangular

Rectangular faces are long and narrow with few angles. This face shape works especially well with oversized or bold sunglasses - statement pieces that will turn heads. Wrap, shield, wayfarer, rectangular and square styles work best for you. The only thing to avoid are small frames.

The ZUMA is the bold statement piece working really well for you! Either in black or tortoise acetate with solid or gradient lenses – all this emphasizes your face. Also, the ACE will be a great choice for you, choose from our range of frame colors – matt black, gold or silver – and many different lens variations. You will look fabulous in any of those!


Heart shaped face types - sometimes called triangle - are widest at the temples and narrowest at the chin. Cat eye styles or glasses that feature rounded edges give you the best look. Shield, butterfly, rimless or aviator styled frames are the shapes for you. The ACE will be your best choice. Go for gradient lenses for a more elevated look or stay classic in dark brown or dark gray lenses. Choose between black, gold, silver frames – all in a sophisticated, matte finish.