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29 Aug, 2012


LA may be bright and sunny, but silently surrounding its beautiful people and palm tries lies an unescapable darkness.  Lurking in the corners of Beverly Hills and behind the night clubs in Hollywood lives a collection of lost souls, blood suckers, VAMPIRES.

Since the 18th Century when the Vampire trend took on its first wave of popularity in Western Europe, levels of vampire superstition lead to mass hysteria then like it does now, with a little help from Brad Pitt and Johnny Depp of course.  Today a little more romance is involved and products are selling via Vampires as opposed to corpses being staked and people being accused of vampirism and lead to their death.  But you never know when the tables may turn….

Where will you be when darkness falls?

The +Beryll Flagship Store in Santa Monica

 If you tend to subsist by feeding on the life essence of living creatures or if you’re following the latest films, shows and books surfacing in popular culture throughout time, when darkness falls, you’ll find a sanctuary in +Beryll’s dark studded accessories.

From cuffs to belts and bags, find your darkness, and your edge at



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