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30 Apr, 2013


Don’t you wish you could go back to being a kid with all the knowledge you have today?  Before cars, clothes and bills, we could all really just be ourselves. No one cared how you dressed or where you chose to play on the playground. Life was about adventure, imagination and fun. Then, all of a sudden, without hardly realizing it,  2+2 became 2 x (5+7) x 6 = 5/78 and the rest of life got complicated along with it.

Did you know that any day you can go back to living like a kid? How is this possible?  The simple answer is by doing what you love. As young adults, we are programmed with a recipe for success that isn’t our own. We’re taught to make money, buy fancy things and to climb the ladder set before us, to be part of the system. What if we told you that you can choose your own ladder or simply not climb it at all, and that you can create your own system?

The best way to get approval is not to need it.  We are the authors of our own ambitions and we are the ones responsible for our own happiness. +Beryll designer Sigmar Berg creates unique clothing, hand-crafted accessories and luxurious goods because he loves it. He’s able to tie in elements of his other passions, surfing, art and photography, and rebels against the mass-produced cookie-cutter fashion that is supposedly the recipe for gold. +Beryll pieces defy the system and produce genuine good energy for their owner and a mixture of pride and happiness for their creator.  The real gold comes when you’re truly passionate about what you do. We challenge you to take this day, live like a kid, do only what you love without seeking approval, and see what happens.


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