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+The White T-Shirt

07 Feb, 2013

+The White T-Shirt


They’re simple, white, cotton form has become iconic over time. It’s not just the function or form of the T-shirt that gave rise to its “don’t mess with me, I’m a badass” status, but the stars that wore it as a statement piece made the T-shirt what it is today.

As early as 1913, white cotton, crewneck T-shirts became regulation underwear for the U.S. Navy. and about 20 years later, at the University of Southern California, football players started wearing white T-shirts to prevent chafing from heavy shoulder pads. The tees became so fashionable that students started wearing them regularly day-to-day.

From there, the T-shirt began making appearances on stars like Marlon Brando and James Dean. Being Hollywood rebels, most fans and teenagers of the time copied the look and by years’ end in 1951, T-shirt sales raked in $180 million.

It was Brando’s performance in A Streetcar Named Desire that thrusted the T-shirt into popularity. James Dean was another icon who’s manly charisma and notorious image added to the appeal of the white cotton crew.

The T-shirt was a way to cover just enough but still show of how strong you were as a man. Today it’s become a staple in the wardrobes of many men, but is it still worn with the same strength and attitude?

The answer is, it can be. The T-shirt can attribute to your manly style and overall badass persona if it’s worn with the right attitude. The right white T-shirt always wins.

+Beryll T-shrits take on the iconic crew neck from first popularized by Dean and Brando. Made from organic cotton in the USA, adding a few +Beryll T-shirts to your collection not only will contribute to your look, but will contribute to the economy of the country. The natural fibers feel soft against your skin while showing the world that you’re a man of means who does’ t fret in the face of danger. Be sure to stop by the +Beryll store in Santa Monica or order online to stock up on your status symbol today – the white T-shirt.


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