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+The Sport of Kings

28 Sep, 2012

+The Sport of Kings

In Hawaii around 1779, riding waves was already a part of the culture.  Whether lying down or standing on long, hardwood boards, everyone from tribal chiefs to commoners were showing off their skills on the waves.  Surfing had become an integral part of the society, religion and myth of the islands. Several of Hawaii’s most famous chiefs, including Kaumuali’i, the ruling chief of Kaua’i and Kamehameha I, were renowned for their surfing ability.

According to, anthropologists can only guess where the origin and evolution surfing came from.  Wave-riding and surfboard construction first developed in Polynesian culture that’s for certain, but there’s no certainty about the timeline and movements of the Polynesians. Their culture was typically recorded in the form of a song or a chant, as they had no written language until after the white men arrived.

The kahuna (experts) of Hawaii made up special chants to christen new surfboards and to bring the surf up and give courage to the men and women who challenged the big waves.

In the world of modern surfing, it helps to have a pair of modern sunglasses to help you maintain your status with the bright sun and the ocean’s reflection. We’re sure if Kaumuali’i would have had some +Beryll ACE shades back then, he would have worn them every day!  Get yours at  Surf’s up!


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