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+New Music

15 Feb, 2013

+New Music

Ladies and gentlemen, the revolution is finally upon us.  Music is going back to its roots – and by that we mean actual instruments. Pop culture saw an influx of electronic music and frankly anyone and their grandma could be dubbed to sound decent enough to create a song – and then that song would be played on repeat on the radio and clubs world wide. The pendulum has started swinging away from overly engineered music to a more traditional format : real people, real voices, real instruments, and real sound.

Bands and musicians like The Black Keys, The Alabama Shakes, Jack White, Gotye, Adele, Florence and the Machine and more are bringing back sound in its truest form. Evidence that real music is back appeared not only on the recent Grammy stage, but is playing on radio stations, TV and in establishments where the mix of sound is starting to even out at last. Here are some of our favorite “real” musicians:

The Black Keys

The Lumineers

Alabama Shakes

Florence and the Machine




Jack White


Speaking of real music, what about real fashion?

Countless designers and retailers have been manufacturing for ages using plastic man-made materials, treatments and processes that are harmful not only to the environment, but to the well-being of people.  Just like the movement within the music industry, the fashion industry is slowly headed back to using natural fibers and safe and ethical manufacturing practices. +Beryll is one of the leaders in this movement.

Since day 1, designer Sigmar Berg has heeded the importance of sourcing local materials and working with local craftsman. Whether you’re new to the movement or have been an advocate of real music and real fashion for a long time, you can be confident that when you buy a +Beryll product, you’re investing in a brand that is dedicated to working with natural, high-quality fabrics and real artisan workers, not a brand that creates an endless supply of polyester garments at the hands of children that will only later end up in a landfill.

Be conscious, be part of the revolution.


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