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+LA Man

19 Feb, 2013

+LA Man

Although the LA man might not get as much credit in music as the LA women, they still take on the world with a style all their own.   What important elements make up an LA man’s style? Check out this list :

+Shades – a man’s sunglasses in LA are part of his identity. They don’t only protect your eyes from the sun’s harmful rays, but they are the finishing touch to your overall look.

+Leather Jacket – A leather jacket serves as a man’s armor. +Beryll leather jackets are hand crafted in LA from locally sourced materials.

+Accessories – The right accessories can mean everything to a look. Mix and match with +Beryll jewelry, belts, beanies, and more to find just the right finishing touches for your LA style.

+T-Shirt – Probably the most important garment known to men not only in LA, but all over the world. Could you imagine life without your favorite T-Shirt? +Beryll T-Shirts are made from organic American cotton and produced in LA.

If you can check off the items on this list you’re on your way to putting together your perfect LA look.


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