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+LA Craftsmanship

28 Feb, 2013

+LA Craftsmanship

+Beryll is a brand that doesn’t follow trends, but sets them.  Designer Sigmar Berg is an anti-conformist who has carved out a niche for +Beryll that is all its own. You won’t find thousands of units of a +Beryll bag or belt that are exactly the same, each product is finished by hand and therefore one-of-a-kind,  and can only be found in one place, the Santa Monica store.

Berg sources leathers, sterling silver, and other quality materials in the heart of the LA fashion district, and each finished product is treated by hand in the +Beryll Santa Monica studio.

Berg’s philosophy is one of un-adornment. He believes in creating pieces, not collections, and is bringing true craftsmanship to the forefront of Los Angeles design.


Whether it’s a T-shirt, belt, bag, jacket or piece of jewelry, you’ll be able to wear a +Beryll piece season after season.  True craftsmanship is represented in each stitch and detail of the pieces.

The very essence if California lives within the understated luxury of each belt, bag, jacket, and accessory.

+Beryll is a leader in the movement of buying, sourcing and producing locally. You can visit the +Beryll store in Santa Monica and shop exclusive, made in LA pieces such as the Stingray Cuff featured below or the leather jackets and T-shirts pictured above – and be sure to stop by because the famous +Beryll Asphalt Boots are now back in stock!

 These vintage boots are up to 40 years old and are extremely rare. The Asphalt Boots sold out quickly in the past and were featured in magazines and snatched up by celebrities, and now they’re back for a limited time only! 

  +Beryll Asphalt Boots are not available online, but in-store only.  Be sure to make an appointment with a +Beryll stylist to get your pair before they’re gone again.

Besides the exclusive collection of Asphalt boots, you’ll find a selection of one-of-a-kind pieces at the +Beryll store, all made in California. Our team of stylists will walk you through the collection as you relax and enjoy the luxury of the gallery-like space. The only way to get acquainted with the true detail and quality craftsmanship of a +Beryll piece is to experience the +Beryll store.

You’re exclusively invited to sip champagne and espresso just 9 blocks from the beach and experience the very essence of the +Beryll brand. Call today to make your appointment with one of our stylists.


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