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+Healing Crystals

14 Feb, 2013

+Healing Crystals

Sacred geometry, crystal science, atomic structure, how can it all heal you?

Crystals are one of the most powerful physical forms of healing energy in today’s world.  While healing has to come from within, crystals provide a structure for love, light and nourishment of the human spirit.

Each crystal has its own properties and personality that can help you raise the vibration of your personal frequency to a level of light and happiness. Think of it as the crystal lending its energy to your spirit, to help you heal. Watch this video for an in depth explanation of how crystals work!

Now that you understand the science, how do you find the right healing crystal that works for you? Use this chart to help.

+Beryll healing crystals are available exclusively at the +Beryll store in Santa Monica, CA. Each crystal is one-of-a-kind and comes on a sterling silver chain and is adorned with the +Beryll charm.  Choose from various crystals to advocate healing in different areas of your spiritual sphere. You can use crystals on a daily basis to promote health, wellness and evolution of yourself and the multi-dimentional life you lead. Visit the +Beryll store to choose your special crystal.


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