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13 May, 2013


Have you ever watched the hands of an artist work? Regardless of the medium, artisan hands move skillfully and almost naturally across whatever they’re creating.

The crafts of +Beryll artisans begin to appear with the steady progression of movements of talented hands that have experienced years of training and practice. Dexterous and expressive, the hands of +Beryll artisans work passionately to create unique designs that can only be found in one place – California.

When you hold a piece by +Beryll in your own hands, it’s like holding an extension of the person who made it. Each piece starts with raw materials, whether it be leather, silk, organic cotton or sterling silver 925, an are diligently formed not just into a fashionable piece that can be worn and used for years to come, but into a work of art.

Handcrafted by good people, and worn by good people, +Beryll pieces can only be found in California.

Visit the +Beryll store in Santa Monica to catch a glimpse of the artists at work.


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