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+Black Magic White Magic

18 Apr, 2013

+Black Magic White Magic

Do you believe in magic?

Some people divide the uses of magic into two categories, white and black, with white being good magic, and black being evil. Typically, white magic implies healing and divination and can even be spiritual. Black magic is magic that is meant to cause harm to another person, what might be called a curse or a hex. Then there are those who consider all magic to be evil. But is it really? What about adding a little magic to your wardrobe?

Whether you choose a little white or a little black magic, the +Beryll Beach Poncho is the perfect addition to encapsulate your style. The 100% silk is sexy and sheer and moves with the the breeze to display your free spirit in the most magical way. Why not get one in both colors and add an element of mysterious, sexy and thought-provoking style to your look.

The +Beryll Beach Poncho is meant for many more looks than just to the beach. Designed with elegance in mind, either color can be worn over a dress to dinner, over jeans and a t-shirt, or even to an event like Coachella. Day to night, you’re sure to look nothing less than magical!


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