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+BERYLL Silver

24 Sep, 2012

+BERYLL Silver

If you were asked to name your favorite art piece, one that was crafted in silver; what would it be?

A coin?

A flask?

How about a piece of jewelry?

The art of shaping silver into both something aesthetic and functional is a process that has been being refined for thousands of years. Since the biblical days, silver has been a prized metal, and was mostly used in coin form for trading purposes. Gold was considered to be the perfect metal by the Egyptians, and it was symbolized by a perfect circle, Silver’s symbol was a semi-circle, or a moon shape.

At the arrival of the Bronze Age, silver began to be mined for jewelry, which at the time was very dangerous because silver also contained lead, and most of the miners would die of lead poisoning within a few years. History tells us that the income from a silver mine located near ancient Athens was the primary financial resource which funded its navy. Therefore we can say that silver was partially responsible for Athens’ rise to power during that time.

 Today, Mexico is the largest producer of silver, followed by the United States and Canada. Silver is transformed from a soft metal to usable and beautiful products in many ways, and is delicately casted in the form of jewelry and other accessories at the +Beryll design studio in Santa Monica, CA.

Designer Sigmar Berg and his team of artisans work with the metal to produce beautiful and elegant pieces that are timeless in quality and style. +Beryll jewelry is made by the hands of good people, and worn by good people, and our latest collection for Spring/Summer 2013 has just arrived! We’re giving you a sneak peek of one of our newest designs below, and soon it will be available in stores and online. Be sure to keep checking back for more product features!


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