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+BERYLL Jewelry

14 Sep, 2012

+BERYLL Jewelry

Simple yet seductive, +Beryll Jewelry is transcendent over trend and time.  The classic, bold and elegant combinations of sterling silver 925, leather and bronze never go out of style. From famous actresses to stay at home moms, surfer dads to rockstars, +Beryll jewelry is a token of luxury that can be worn with any combination of apparel.

By nature, pure silver is a very soft metal. It can bend or break easily. Other materials, like copper for example, are more durable and are added to the mix to ensure that your silver jewelry will last a lot longer, and look a lot nicer down the road. The precise mixture of pure silver and copper creates Sterling Silver 925, the ultimate material for jewelry making.

+Beryll craftsman shape the metal into rings, chains and charms, and creatively add elements of leather to each authentic piece. Click here to browse the selection of hand-crafted +Beryll jewelry, and we’re sure you’ll find the perfect piece to complete your perfect look.



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