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What Is Cashmere? Learn More About the Luxurious Wool

One of the most luxurious fibers money can buy is Cashmere, known worldwide for its ability to feel light, warm, and wonderfully soft. This luxurious material has a lengthy and fascinating history. The word "cashmere" first appeared in the 16th Century to describe the shawls spun by Kashmiri artisans traveling over the Silk Road to India. It was originally produced there as far back as the 13th Century.

A Scottish manufacturer imported it into Scotland in the 18th Century after he discovered the Cashmere shawls in India. Today you'll find Cashmere goats farmed all over the world. The use of Cashmere in the textile industry has increased dramatically, defining its luxury lifestyle brand.

What is Cashmere

The name has been treasured since ancient times and is now associated with opulence and luxury; whether used on a designer cashmere sweater, cardigan, etc., it's always an absolute joy to wear! The super soft cashmere, insulating fabric is one of the most beneficial natural products in the fashion industry today. An incredibly soft finish and lightness characterize it. Its superfine threads also create more air pockets that circulate heat, keeping you warm when you're calm and relaxed when you're hot.

What is Cashmere made of

The Gobi Desert runs from Northern China into Mongolia, where goats produce most of the Cashmere. The animals have a superfine undercoat, centered on the underside, that hides beneath their coarse hair. Never sheared, premium cashmere is combed. Shorter, more pill-prone fibers are produced via shearing. Examine a garment's surface with the palm of your hand before you buy it to check if fibers start to roll up and shed.

Types of Cashmere

There are several different types of Cashmere like Cashmere poncho, scarf, and blazer. They vary a considerable amount. Also, each one has a unique look and feel. It all relies on the environmental elements around the animal it comes from.

The first type is known as "Kashmir Cashmere." This is the best quality material and has the longest smoothest straight fibers. It is the most expensive type of Cashmere available. You can tell this type of Cashmere from its appearance: it has a wonderful weave and an almost silky texture that feels luxurious against your skin. The fabric will be less likely to pill and develop the beloved fluffy texture if each hair is longer.

Second, "China Cashmere" is less expensive than Kashmir but still offers excellent value for money. It has shorter fibers than Kashmir and does not feel quite as soft, but it feels fantastic against your skin.

Finally, there is "Roughspun Cashmere" and "Sheared Cashmere." Both of these types are made from shorter fibers than either Kashmir or China Cashmere, so they don't feel quite as luxurious against your skin.

Benefits of Cashmere


The softness of Cashmere gives it a luxurious feel. It also has a high loft or internal air volume, which results in a plush, expensive fabric with a smooth feel. When correctly cared for, Cashmere becomes softer with time.


Superior insulation is provided by Cashmere, which is up to 8 times more insulating than ordinary sheep's wool.

Lightweight and Wrinkle-Resistant

Considering the warmth it provides, Cashmere is a lightweight fabric. A cashmere garment is never too big, nor does it wrinkle, which makes it easy to travel with, like the +BERYLL Cashmere Wrap Scarf you can find online.


Cashmere drapes beautifully and always look elegant and flattering even with luxury sunglasses.


Cashmere is naturally stretchy, allowing you to move freely while wearing it.

Moisture Wicking

Cashmere has high moisture content and adapts to changes in air humidity, so it is comfortable in all climes, including warm ones.

No Scratchiness

Wool is known to turn off many people because of how itchy it feels on the skin. Due to the considerably more delicate fibers than wool, Cashmere is silky and feels lovely against the skin.


Cashmere lets your body breathe, which aids in temperature regulation in contrast to synthetic fibers, which can make you overheated and perspiring.


The best natural fabric, Cashmere is considered a luxury material. Look at the luxury + BERYLL Navajo Cardigan made of 100% super soft Cashmere, designed in Malibu/California.


Due to its hypoallergenic properties, Cashmere is a popular choice among allergy sufferers.

Smart Investment

Cashmere may last a lifetime if properly maintained. Classic styles will always be in style because this fabric is timeless.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

Q1. What is so special about cashmere?

A. One of the softest materials in the world is cashmere. Because of its fine hair can be woven into wonderfully delicate, expensive clothing that lasts a very long time, but at a price. Contrary to what you might believe, cashmere comes from the cashmere goat, not a sheep.

Q2. What is cashmere made from?

A. A form of wool known as cashmere is produced by pashmina and cashmere goats. Kashmir, an area in Northern India that still produces cashmere, is how the word was once spelled. A natural fabric recognized for being incredibly soft and having insulating qualities is cashmere.


Q3. Is cashmere worth buying?

A. Yes, we say. Definitely! The significance of cashmere goes far beyond making the perfect sweater you can imagine. It keeps you cozy and warm while being so light that you won't overheat.