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Taking Care of Your Sunglasses: How It’s Done

Sunglasses are designer fashion accessories for most people. A great way to protect yourself from UV rays and glare while still looking good. But, if you don’t look after your sunglasses they can scratch, warp, bend and break. There's nothing worse than damaging your favorite handcrafted sunglasses, right? To keep your glasses looking new for longer, here's a quick guide to caring for your sunglasses.

Importance of Clean Specs

Celebrity sunglasses for women and men are sure to become dirty with regular wear. Regardless of the type of finish used on the lens, glasses will pick up dirt, dust and debris when they are being taken on and off. Dirty and smudged sunglasses can make it difficult to see - this reduction in visibility can lead to eyestrain. The build-up of dust and debris can even scratch and damage the lenses and lens coating over time, leading you to replace your glasses or lenses more frequently than necessary. One of the most important reasons to clean your specs is because it is a surface that is touched many times throughout the day and can transfer bacteria and viruses to your eyes, nose, and mouth. Regular cleaning ensures that your stylish sunglasses are clear and ready to wear!

How to take care of sunglasses

1. Don’t sit sunglasses on the top of your head.

There are a bunch of reasons to take your sunnies off during the day. The temptation is to simply lift them up and sit them on top of your head. Over time this stretches out the frames and generally bends things out of shape. Much better to hang them on your t-shirt collar in a pinch or stash them safely in a case.

2. Care for sunglasses by keeping them in a case

Most high quality sunglass brands supply their eyewear in a case. A lot of people keep their case in a draw at home. Put your case in your car where it will get more use, or your favorite bag that you’re always taking out and about.

3. Avoid putting sunglasses on car dashboards

Cars can get extremely hot in the sunshine, and the dashboard is a glowing dance floor in the harsh light. Even handcrafted premium acetate frames will bend over time if constantly subjected to heat exposure. Keep your sunglasses safely in a case in the center console.

4. Clean sunglasses with a soft cloth

We all do it. Cleaning our sunglasses with our t-shirts. Depending on how clean that material is and how soft or rough it is, you might be doing more damage than good - especially over time. Keep a soft cloth in your sunglasses case for times when you need a little sparkle up. Again, most good eyewear brands will include a cloth when you get your new frames.

5. Pick premium sunglasses that don’t scratch easily

No matter how much you pay attention, you can't always be 100% vigilant, eventually the glasses will get a few knocks, rub against sand or in the worst case scenario you might even sit on them. The best way to make sure your sunglasses last is to get ones made from quality materials. Acetate or sturdy metal frames are key, such as the MELLOW or the WAYNE from designer brand BERYLL, luxury sunglasses for men and women that are also popular with celebrities.

How to wash sunglasses

There's nothing more disheartening than finding the perfect pair of sunglasses only to have them ruined with improper cleaning techniques.


Make sure your hands are clean and free of dirt and germs by washing them. Be sure to use an oil and lotion-free soap, as both of those can smudge the lenses.


Using lukewarm running tap water, rinse your glasses to remove debris and dust. You will want to ensure the pressure isn't too hard and the water isn't too warm, as both of those can damage the glasses.


Using a microfiber cloth, wipe down your lenses and the frame. Most sunglasses (unless you bought them last minute at the gas station down the road from the beach) will come with a case and a microfiber cloth inside. For reference, you can feel the difference between these and other materials you've undoubtedly used in the past.


Apply a single drop of dish soap on both sides of the lenses, gently rubbing the soap over the lens. Once again, make sure the dish soap is free of oils and lotions. If your glasses have raised or inset details, use a lint-free cloth to get into the crevasses.


Rinse the glasses with water, paying special attention to the lenses, to remove excess soap. Use the same rules as the pre-rinse. Be sure the pressure is gentle, and the temperature is lukewarm at most. A long-lasting, stylish pair of shades is an important fashion accessory that you should keep in tip-top shape.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

Q.1 How do you maintain sunglasses?

A.  Warm tap water should be used to dampen the sunglasses' lenses, frame, and sides. With your index finger or thumb and a drop of soap or dishwashing detergent, carefully wipe the frame, lenses, and sides of the sunglasses. Rinse gently with warm water that is running. With a cloth, dry.

Q.2 How often should you clean sunglasses?

A. To keep your glasses free of scuffs and to ensure they always look their best, wash them every morning. Make sure your hands are clean and clear of any oil or dirt that could smear your glasses' lenses before cleaning them.

Q.3 Can you use wipes to clean your glasses?

A. We wouldn't advise cleaning your glasses with rubbing alcohol or alcohol wipes. This is because using alcohol on your glasses could harm the specialty materials and lens coatings because it can be rather abrasive.