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Meet Maura Wasescha: the First Lady of Hospitality in St. Moritz

Maura Wasescha is a dynamic force, radiating positive energy, determination, and the ability to uplift those around her. At the age of 19, she left Italy for St. Moritz, Switzerland, to care for her cousin after a severe car accident, a decision that marked the beginning of her remarkable journey. Fluent in five languages and equipped with an unparalleled resilience, she transformed her humble beginnings as a waitress and cleaning lady into a thriving career as a real estate agent and mogul, establishing her own company which is now renowned as the premier agency for buying or renting ultra-luxury real estate in St. Moritz.


It's no wonder Wasescha is affectionately known as the "First Lady of Hospitality," as she effortlessly commands respect and admiration in the circles of the jet set who frequent St. Moritz. Her domain includes prestigious events like the Annual Snow Polo World Cup, where she serves as a trusted confidante to a discerning clientele that demands nothing but the best. Despite her monumental success, Wasescha remains as steadfast as the Engadine Mountains that surround her, a quality that has contributed to her enduring success.

We had the privilege of sitting down with Maura to uncover the secrets behind her remarkable journey to success and her ability to sustain it.

Beryll: Maura, you just launched your online store  - what is Casa Maura about?

MW: I want to create homes for my clients where they really FEEL at home. Choosing only the best made me look for things I could not find. So I created them. Everything on Casa Maura is hand-selected, curated, and brought together so my clients can choose from the best there is.

Beryll: You are called the First Lady of Hospitality of St. Moritz, what is your story?

MW: My career was not easy and kind of an accident (laughs)! I came to St. Moritz 46 years ago to help a family member and never left. I worked as a waitress, cleaning lady before I got into real estate and the rest is a lot of work and dedication and following my dream (laughs) while raising 4 kids.

Beryll: What is your secret of success?

MW: I am on a mission! Laughs. Honestly, I think that I am always grateful for what happens, even if it is not pleasant. I try to embrace it and see the gift in
everything. I love people, and I am a very happy person inside; that helps for sure. And I feel if a client gives me their trust, I want to go above and beyond to make sure I deliver. I give my most precious thing - my time, 100%.

Beryll: And what is the special “Maura Factor"?

MW: I hear and feel what the client says and what they need. I ask a lot of questions to figure out their needs and sometimes when the clients don’t know what their needs are, I figure it out for them.

Beryll: You are also renting luxury properties including private chefs, etc. What was the most memorable need a client had?

MW: Once an American client flew in with his private jet and he arrived not finding his favorite water which was just available in the US. He sent the jet back
to pick up 18 gallons of this water - and that is in a place where you have the best mountain water in the world.

Beryll: What was your biggest real estate deal?

MW: A Villa in Suvretta for 100 Mio CHF. I cannot say names, as confidentiality is maybe the most important part of my business.

Beryll: Being in the center of luxury, what does luxury mean to you personally?

MW: Luxury for me is my home. The place you close the door and you feel good. And you need to have the time to enjoy it. Very simple, but very important. The place you recharge.

Beryll: What are you unapologetically authentic about?

MW: Curiosity. I am a very curious person, I read 14/15 books per year and choose very carefully. I always like to find something new. I feel like I am a student
of life. And Gratitude - say thank you - also for the bad things. They give you a kick to go do your work.

Beryll: Any dreams you have?

I live my dream each day. But yes, if one day I can put all my knowledge, everything I found and figured out into the creation of a home which will be an oasis
for my clients, where you can stay alone, but you never feel alone - this is my goal.

For more information check out and Maura Wasescha magazine 

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