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Meet Alberto Vassallo, founder of Car&Vintage

+Beryll: Ciao Alberto! Can you please briefly introduce yourself and your company @carvintage?

Car&vintage opened in 2014. Today, with more than 667k active followers on Instagram, is a unique platform, the first of its kind in Europe. Through our IG account, our website pages and the several automotive events we join with our team, we promote our cultural aesthetics in the contemporary world, embracing land, air and sea. We believe in people and in their stories, we share their achievements and the masterpieces created by their genius in terms of design, art, function and technology. We built a community of lifestyle enthusiasts, counting several music and motorsport superstars, athletes, influencers and influential people. Car&vintage is reference point for many of them: a trend hunter on one hand, a poetical ode to the classic vintage style on the other.

+Beryll: What sparked your interest in classic cars, and how did you become an expert in this field?

I’m 100% Piedmontese, born and raised in one of the most important car industry/car creativity/car racing districts of Italy. My region, Piemonte, has been home of several car design geniuses, coach builders, iconic motorsport team and victorious drivers; when I was a 5-6 years old child, I clearly remember the ex-works Lancia Stratos flying on my area’s countryside roads during local rallies and so on. That car has always amazed me since my early age, it has something extraterrestrial for me. The shape, its V6 sound.. This is where everything began for me. I wouldn’t call myself an expert in the automotive field; I’m not a rivet counter nor a mechanical engineer: I’m just a classic car lover, a huge car enthusiast and my passion brought me all around the world, driving amazing cars and collecting the coolest-possible car-related memories.

+Beryll: What was your overall impression of The I.C.E. International Concours of Elegance in St Moritz?

I saw The I.C.E. growing in the last years; its identity is now properly defined and, in my opinion, this event is already one of the most important car events of the whole calendar. Its unique and surreal setting on the St. Moritz frozen lake, its perfect mix between static and dynamic atmospheres, the fact it is open to anyone and the incredible selection of cars it offers are its most important pillars.

+Beryll: Can you describe some of the most notable classic cars that were on display at the event this year?

This year’s car selection has been superb. Amongst my fav, I would choose: the Ferrari 166 MM / 212 Export “Uovo” with is incredible bodywork designed by Franco Reggiani for Officine Fontana; the astonishing Lancia Strato’s HF Zero — Best in Show winner — and Lancia Sibilo both penned by Marcello Gandini; the Auto Union Type C world speed record car in 1938 driven on site by Tom “Mr. Le Mans” Kristensen; the Maserati 420M 58 “Eldorado”.

+Beryll: How did this year's event compare to previous editions of The I.C.E., in terms of the quality and variety of classic cars on display?

I think The I.C.E. 2023 raised the bar in terms of entries; the level, now, compared to other classic car events is second to none. At The I.C.E. everyone can see automotive masterpieces that cannot be seen anywhere else. As a plus, they can be admired while moving on a frozen lake and surrounded by Swiss Alps. What else?

+Beryll: Did you have the opportunity to network with other classic car enthusiasts at the event, and if so, what were some of the most interesting people you met?

Amongst many, I had the pleasure to meet Charley Boorman — who once travelled from London to New York City with Ewan McGregor and two motorbikes, as shown in the Long Way Round TV series — Tom Christensen — 9 x 24 Hours of Le Mans winner, 6 of which were consecutive — and Ronnie Kessel — boss of Kessel Classic, Kessel Auto and Kessel Racing.


+Beryll: Which was your favorite car and why?

No doubt, the 1970 Lancia Strato’s HF Zero. Actually built around the chassis of a crashed Fulvia 1600 Rally, with its iconic wedge shape changed the car design forever and generated the supercars silhouette we still see today on brand new hypercars. An authentic piece of automotive history as well as an astonishing piece of design-in-motion.

+Beryll: Can you talk about the judging process for The ICE, and what criteria are used to evaluate the classic cars?

Over the course of the two days, a jury of experts and prominent personalities in the car field has been called upon to judge the cars' history, originality, authenticity and condition, interacting with individual collectors as well as evaluating all entries’ dynamics during the driving session on the Lake.

+Beryll: St. Moritz is such a unique and beautiful location for this type of event, what advice would you give to someone who is interested in visiting?

St. Moritz is a stunning location indeed. A truly exclusive playground, filled with more than 350 km of world-class ski slopes, any kind of winter activity and of course high-end luxury hotels. However, visiting the town, its lake and surroundings is very special and unforgettable also during spring, summer and autumn. Typically sunny, good vibes, many shopping and good eating spots.. If it’s nicknamed “Top of the World” there must be a reason, no?