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Meet Yury Bettoni, Italkraft Partner and ex-pro Tennis Player - +Beryll Worn By Good People

Meet Yury Bettoni, Italkraft Partner and ex-pro Tennis Player

Italkraft partner, Yury Bettoni sits down with +Beryll CEO, Petra Berg to share his extraordinary journey of life, from Ethiopia to the U.S. From his Italian roots in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, where he cultivated a passion for craftsmanship, to his remarkable achievements in the world of professional tennis, Bettoni's story is one of consistent determination and success. Having competed alongside tennis legends like Roger Federer, Bettoni's journey didn't end with his achievements on the court.

Fueled by a desire to give back, and in memory of his late mother, he founded the Alessandra Bettoni Foundation, a nonprofit organization dedicated to empowering disadvantaged youth in Ethiopia and Tanzania, shaping brighter futures through the power of tennis and education.  

Bettoni in +Beryll Michele Shirt Chalk / +Beryll Wayne Silver and Yellow Sunglasses 

+Beryll: Can you shed light on your global odyssey and the start to your tennis career?

Bettoni: I was born in Ethiopia, and my family's journey took us through several countries due to political unrest. After living in Saudi Arabia, Liberia, Ivory Coast, and Tanzania, we settled in Italy. In 1992, when I was 15, we relocated to Bradenton/Sarasota, Florida where I embarked on my tennis journey at a Nick Bollettieri Tennis Academy (now IMG Academy) after being discovered by Nick BollettieriHis entry into the world of design and partnership with Italkraft came about through a serendipitous encounter during his move to America. 

 +Beryll: What’s the backstory behind your immersion in design and collaboration with Italkraft?

Bettoni: In 2012, while searching for kitchen designs for our first Miami apartment, I crossed paths with Alex Xakoustis, owner of Italkraft. We clicked, and our collaboration started. I facilitated a connection between Poliform and Italkraft, leading to my involvement in Zaha Hadid’s One Thousand Museum, the project that solidified our partnership.

 Pictured: Zaha Hadid tapped design powerhouse ITALKRAFT as a key partner to deliver world-class gourmet kitchens, dream closets, and designer bathrooms. 

His background, deeply rooted in construction and design, laid the foundation for his passion in this field.

+Beryll: Was design always a calling for you?

Bettoni: Growing up, design, architecture, and engineering were always a priority in my family. My father was the biggest infrastructure developer in Northeast Africa, so I had a deep appreciation for design from an early age. 

Pictured: St. Regis project by ITALKRAFT 

His design ethos, blending minimalism with eclecticism, draws inspiration from his African upbringing, where diverse cultures and nature influenced unique architectural expressions.

+Beryll: What is the inspiration behind your designs?

Bettoni: In Africa, we had a few very unique homes, like the one in Dar Es Salaam where rain would cascade into the house during storms. Picture this: a house with a spacious garden at its core, surrounded by living rooms downstairs and bedrooms upstairs, all opening to let in sunlight and gentle breezes. The garden served as the heart of the home, with rooms encircling it, offering panoramic views, and creating a truly distinctive living experience.

His client-centric approach prioritizes understanding their lifestyle and preferences, ensuring a tailored design that feels like home. 

+Beryll: How do you approach client collaborations?

Bettoni: Understanding the client's unique lifestyle is a key element to deliver a highly personalized home. The way I see it is that a house should not feel like an interior design magazine, it should be a place of comfort reflecting the owner’s distinctive journey in life and sense of style. 

Bettoni in +Beryll Yury Sweater

+Beryll: What are your other passions aside from design? 

Bettoni: Aside from tennis and pickleball, which I play daily, and sports cars, a big passion of mine is giving back. I founded the Alessandra Bettoni Foundation to support underserved kids in Ethiopia and Tanzania through tennis.

 +Beryll: What do you appreciate most about design? 

Bettoni: What I appreciate most about design is its ability to enhance our lives through quality and craftsmanship. Whether it's the meticulous attention to detail or the seamless integration of functionality and aesthetics, good design has the power to elevate everyday experiences. That's why I love my cashmere pieces from Beryll; they embody that same commitment to quality and craftsmanship, adding a touch of luxury and comfort to my wardrobe.

Bettoni in +Beryll Yury Sweater

In a recent collaboration at Italkraft's NYC showroom, +Beryll and Italkraft seamlessly integrated cashmere and interior design craftsmanship, epitomizing luxury, and innovation in the same space. Explore more on our YouTube channel