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+EricaPelosini Unapologetically Authentic

I got into my line of work when I was a baby. My grandma put me into modeling when I was 4 years old. I come from Florence where fashion week started and I got to meet a lot of designers.
I knew I wanted to work in fashion and started my career at 19 at Vogue in Paris.

The event that shaped me most in my life was when I moved to Paris by myself. It was the first time where in felt truly independent and was able to make my own decisions and do whatever I want. My mother and father never supported me working in fashion. Being on my own was what made me want to work harder on myself and my creativity to get what I want.

I strive to live in a better and kinder world. Using my voice in this world and trying to make people get inspired to follow your path of preservation. Dedicating time in charity and conserving our world for our children.

Seeing my own reflection I like most that I am very driven and I always find my way to succeed in what I like. Being driven made me experiment, travel and discover new things.

My name is Erica Pelosini, I am a Stylist + Creative Director and I am Unapologetically Driven.