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+KatherynWinnick Cover Story for Dolce Magazine - +Beryll Worn By Good People

+KatherynWinnick Cover Story for Dolce Magazine

The Canadian actress, director and producer shares her career highlights, love for the martial arts, and mission to give back to Ukraine.


Katheryn Winnick demonstrates fearlessness on- and off-screen. She practised taekwondo four or five times a week when she was young and currently holds a third-degree black belt in taekwondo and a second-degree black belt in karate.

Winnick’s passion for the martial arts eventually led her to acting, starring in roles like the shield maiden Lagertha, warrior and wife of a great Viking leader in the critically acclaimed television series Vikings, and one of the leading roles in Big Sky.


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Team Credits
Katheryn Winnick @katherynwinnick
Photographer: Sarah Krick @sarahkrickphotography
Fashion Stylist: Oretta Corbelli @orettac
Assistant Fashion Stylist: Allegra Gargiulo @jesuisalegra_
Hair: Rod Ortega @rodortegahairstylist
Makeup: Sarah Uslan @sarahuslan
Casting & Production: Kricket Productions @kricketproductions

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